• Boguchansky LPK is an universal vertically integrated full-cycle enterprise.
  • Our priorities: infrastructural development and sustainable forest management.
    • Larch: SF grade
    • Pine: SF grade
    • V grade
    • D3-4 grade

    Historical Facts

    Looking at the background history of the “Boguchansky wood processing complex”, or shortened as “Boguchansky LPK” in Russian, the last 10 years have been a trip from construction of the business to stability.
    Part of the existing buildings at the site were built more than 20 years ago in a joint Russian project with IKEA, but the mill equipment was renewed only after the entrance of Taiga resources in 2007. Upon the merger between Taiga resources and RusForest AB in 2007-2008, the first larger industry investments also started.Read more

    Boguchansky LPK Today and Our Next Plans

    Looking at full drying capacity above 150,000 m3, the current bottle neck in dry sorting is planned to be removed through the installation of a new automatic dry sorting line, which is scheduled for installation in 2017.
    However, already today the production level of dried sawn wood is approximately 120,000 m3 per annum or close to 10,000 m3 per month which also was the actual production volume in March 2016.Read more


    Further, looking back, during the period 2010 and 2012 more than two large forest leases were acquired in order to guarantee raw material supply, just like equipment for harvesting, log transports as well as road construction. Harvesting and production was restarted fully under the new owner and the harvesting level reached by March 2016 was 55,000 m3 of saw logs – a corporate record for all times.
    Leases: The following three lease agreements are located in close distance to the mill, from a 60 km to 200 km of distance. The annual allowable cut (AAC) is equal to 486,000 m3 with a preliminary species distribution of 70% pine, 20% larch and 10% spruce.Read more